Why We Don’t Sell Our Borescopes on Amazon

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Did you know that Tungsten has a stronger tensile strength than stainless steel?

Our borescopes are not off-the-shelf

With so many customizations available, we encourage you to speak with one of our applications engineers to find the right configuration for your particular application.  We would be happy to guide you so that you end up with a borescope that meets your requirements.

Our borescopes are not cheap or made in China. 

Amazon is flooded with cheap Chinese products of dubious quality and even more dubious reviews. Our borescopes are manufactured using high-quality parts and high-resolution optics made in the U.S. and have the following certifications:

  • MIL STD 810G Method 511.6 Explosive Environment
  • NFPA 70 – Class 1 Division 2
  • ISO 9001 CE Compliant
  • IP55, IP56, IP57 – insertion tube only

Our borescopes are not toys.  

Our units are high-end, rugged, industrial-strength equipment designed and manufactured to be used in high-stress environments.  For instance, our cabling is made from rugged Tungsten-braid, which can withstand being twisted and even stepped on. Don’t buy equipment that could make or break your business off the same site you use to buy plushies for your kids.

We will come to you for a demo and/or let you try before you buy

Contact us for an on-site demonstration (if you are on the West Coast) or video demonstration of our units in action.

We are proud of our brand and our products

We know and stand behind our products 100%, we don’t need Amazon to run interference for us.  If you are ever dissatisfied with one of our products, deal directly with a live person who is familiar with your product to get the issue resolved.

We stand behind what we sell.  

All brands of borescopes can be damaged in the field.  Our service prices are typically 75% less than that of our competitors, and we can usually have your unit returned in under 15 days.  Deal directly with a live, knowledgeable person to get your unit serviced and back in the field quickly.

We want you as a customer for life

We think you’ll be so impressed with our products and service that you’ll come to us every time you need borescope technology.