Explosion Proof Borescope - Camera Videoscope Camera By ITS Videoscopes

Mil Std 810g Cameras – Industrial Video Borescopes designed and tested for use in hazardous environments. Great for safely finding cracks, corrosion, and foreign object debris (FOD) in pipes and gas valves in petroleum refineries. Inspect gas tanks for contraband. Safer viewing in all your explosive environments and hazardous locations!

Borescope - Borescope For Explosion Proof Environment & Aerospace
Explosion Proof Borescope -For Hazardous Environment, Aerospace Industry; Aircraft Approved Automotive approved

Because the light source is Cold Fiber Optic Illumination, with the source in the handle not the tip, our Video Borescopes provide for safer remote viewing. Our scope tips have 4-way articulation and some of the smallest diameters available, allowing you to see into some of the tightest spots.

Explosion-Proof Video Borescopes for the Petroleum Industry
Borescope -Explosion Proof Borescopes – Video Camera Scopes For Hazardous & Volatile Environments
Mil Std 810G Cameras - Explosion Proof Borescopes - Video Borescopes By ITS Videoscopes
Borescope – Explosion Proof Videoscope Cameras For Hazardous & Volatile Environments

MIL STD 810G Cameras / Explosion Proof Borescopes Key Features:

  • Tested Under MIL-STD 810G method 511.6 (Explosive Environment)
  • UL Certified for Class I Division 2 Hazardous Locations
  • ATEX Certificate of Conformity for Group II Category 3 Equipment Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Aerospace Industry: Approved By F35 Tactical Fighter
  • Working Length from 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) up to 10 meters (33 ft)
  • Diameter: 3.0mm (0.11″) 4.0 mm (0.16”) or 6mm (0.24”), 8mm (0.314″)
  • High-resolution CMOS Camera, with 90-degree FOV
  • Large Integrated Display (5.0“/12.7 cm) with VGA 640×480 Resolution
  • Built-in Digital Zoom
  • 3-stage Adjustable LED Illumination
  • Cold Fiber Optic Light in the Handle Means no Spark from LED in Explosive Environments
  • 4 Way Tip Articulation
  • Rechargeable 6-Hour Battery
  • 32,000 Images or 500 hours of Video Can be Stored on 32GB SDHC Card
  • Portable, Robust, Durable Set in a Hard Plastic Carrying Case. Looks Like a Roll-On Bag with Telescopic handles
  • Made in USA 
Explosion Proof Borescopes For Oil & Gas Industries.  Cameras designed and tested for MIL STD 810G.
Explosion Proof Borescope For Oil & Gas Industries – Hazardous and Volatile Environments. Aircraft Approved

Explosion Proof Borescope Hazardous Locations Ratings:

Borescope Videoscope XT By I.T.S. Videoscopes

Hazardous Locations Rated Explosive Environment: UL, ATEX, MIL STD 810G

  • Live 3.5 X Digital Zoom 
  • Capture Videos and Still Images 
  • High Resolution Imager 
  • Export Data to SD Card 
  • 5″ High Resolution TFT Display 
  • 6 Hour Rechargeable Battery Life 
  • 2 Batteries Included 
  • Ergonomic Articulation Controls 
  • IP54, IP55; IP56; IP57*, IP68*; * IP57, IP68: *Applies to the the insertion tube only
  • Aerospace Approved: F35 Approved Videoscope
  • Automotive: Approved by a major Automobile manufacturer
Borescope Rugged Heavy Duty Tungsten Cable
Borescope Rugged Heavy Duty Tungsten Cable Video Of Aircraft Engine Inspection – Engine Intake