Borescope Company Wins A Major Contact For Its XLED PRO & EIOS X-Capture Workstation

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XLED PRO Modular Video Borescope

A leading Borescope company, I.T.S Videoscopes, has just been awarded with a high volume order from one of the Bay Area’s largest Research Companies for one of its latest Borescope products, the XLED PRO and xCapture.

The Borescope called the XLED PRO has an advanced AIT Image Sensor available in 2.4mm 3.0 mm, 2-way articulation Borescopes and 4.0 mm to 6mm, 4-way articulation Borescopes. These Borescopes are available in various working lengths, 1.0-3.0 meters, 1.0 – 1.5 meters and 1.0 – 3.0 meters, respectively.

All of the above Borescopes have Integrated Objective Lens, this means that the target at a particular range can be easily focused. For more information about our Borescopes please contact our office at, 949-232-5837.

The XLED PRO borescope can be connected to a newly released product called the EIOS XCapture which is a tablet like portable and compact touchscreen, with 7″ high resolution display for remote inspections.

Borescope Connected To X-Capture

EIOS PRO Workstation With Fullscreen With One-Touch

The XCapture connected to the Borescope acts as a portable workstation where it can capture still and video of a target being evaluated, it has a
One-Touch and Full-Screen Mode which provides more visibility on the inspection image. It also has a feature called The Smart Inspector which provides a way to compare an existing file with live video.

Borescope XLED PRO Is Compatible With The X-Capture

EIOS PRO Workstation
This highly sensitive Research & Development project needed high-quality inspection borescopes.  We were able to fulfill this need – our top quality, fully articulating borescopes can meet and exceed your application needs as well, whether you need a turbine borescope, engine borescope, small diameter borescope, or even a cold fiber optic inspection camera borescope for a potentially explosive environment.