New Borescopes From I.T.S. Videoscopes: Product Release

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High Resolution Workstation With 7" Touchscreen Video Borescope

Borescopes and Inspection Videoscopes:

Our California based Borescope company, I.T.S. Videoscopes, has released a portable workstation, the EIOS Pro Series, featuring a 7″ 1280 x 800 pixel high resolution touch screen display that looks like a tablet that can be connected to iLED, PRO Borescopes, XLED PRO Borescopes, XLED 3 Borescopes and XLED PRO Borescopes:

EIOS PRO Touchscreen Workstation Like A Tablet That Can be
Connected To Videoscopes:
EIOS PRO Workstation
All PRO Borescopes, iLED, XLED, XLED 3 and XLED PRO, can be used with the EIOS PRO 7′ 1280 x 800 High Resolution Display.
EIOS PRO Workstation With Fullscreen With One-Touch
The new EIOS (Endoscopic Imaging Operation System ) PRO platform supports the entire new PRO Series of Videoscopes and Borescopes.  It’s compatible to the following Videoscopes:

1. iLED PRO Borescopes.
2. XLED Borescopes.
3. XLED 3 Borescopes
4. XLED PRO Borescopes.
5. iRIS 7 PRI Borescope.
6. iRis X PRO Borescope.

The EIOS PRO platform offers:

  • Tablet-like display and operation for all functions.

  • Portable workstation flexibility works with all the interchangeable borescope / videoscope tips, from the 2.4mm diameter tip to the 8mm tip.

  • Internal 16GB memory, with USB interface.

  • WIFI and Bluetooth enabled.

  • Sturdy carrying case that can be used to store and carry all the Borescope –  Videoscope equipment,  such as  batteries, chargers and notebooks.

  • Oil & Gas – For Explosion proof environment.
  • Wind turbine Maintenance, compact borescopes / videoscopes for confined spaces.
  • Aviation & Aerospace, mil standard approved.
  • Automotive.
  • Border Patrol, explosion proof environment. For example, viewing inside of a vehicle’s gas tank at the borders.

For more information, please contact Ray Ariss at I.T.S Videoscopes,
Ph: 949-232-5837.
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