Dual-View Borescope By ITS Videoscopes – See Like A Chameleon!

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Borescopes for Aircraft Turbine Inspection
Our Dual-Camera Borescope by ITS Videoscopes, comparing to how a Chameleon can see two images independently or at the same time.

Dual View Borescope  That Sees Like A Chameleon, Well Almost –  A Unique Simultaneous Direct and Side Viewing Videoscope:

New Videoscope Product Announcement By ITS Videoscopes, A US Based Borescope Company

We are pleased to respond to our customers’ requirement by launching a unique type of Borescope, a Videoscope that has dual cameras for a Direct View and a Side View at the same time! You can see the front and side targets, or dedicated to either direction, on a High Definition 7” Touch Screen Display.

Both Videoscope cameras have their own dedicated directional and variable LED illumination, independently  adjustable.

Each Videoscope camera has its own Zoom Settings, 0.5X to 3X in 0.5X increments, 1.5X on Dual View Screen.

ITS Videoscopes Provides Two dedicated directional and variable intensity LED illumination and zoom, independently adjustable
The Dual Camera Borescope by ITS Videoscopes, showing the Front View and Side View, on the left and right hand side of the photos, accordingly.
ual View Borescope By ITS Videoscopes
Dual-View Borescope By ITS Videoscopes, Front and Side View.

The Videoscope Dual Cameras’ Depth Of Field:

Depth of field: 7-50mm direct and side or 7mm-50mm direct, 3-12mm side tube (tube/pipe applications)

ITS Videoscope Diameters: 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, with Working Length up to 7.5 Meters.

ITSVideoscope Diameters: 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, with Working Length up to 7.5 Meters.

Explosion Proof Hazardous Location Ratings: UL, MIL STD 810G & ATEX.

We love Chameleons!