Explosion-Proof Cameras – Video Borescopes For Oil & Gas Industries, Hazardous Environments

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Gas Tank Inspection using Explosion-Proof Video Borescope

ITS Videscopes’ Explosion Proof Camera – when you need some of the clearest HD imaging available today. Cold LED/Fiber Optics in the tip means no heat, eliminating the possibility of sparking. Articulating tips allow you to see more of your workpiece. Aerospace and petroleum companies especially appreciate our Class 1 Division 2 rated borescopes.

Our explosion-proof cameras are rugged, rugged, rugged. The cable is multi-layered Tungsten braid. Did you know that a diamond, the hardest substance on Earth, is the only thing that can scratch Tungsten? Know material our competitor uses? Nylon. You know what scratches nylon? My fingernail, for one. The monitors have industrial rubber protection bumpers. Even the carrying case/storage case is heavy duty and features custom-designed packing foam.

Our borescopes are specifically designed for the following applications:

  • Oil & Gas Industries – Inspection of Gas Pipelines & Valves for rust, blockage and debris – foreign objects.
  • Aircraft Approved Borescope Camera for Inspection Of Aircraft Turbine Blades.
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Cameras and Videoscopes Safe for Hazardous Environments

Explosion Proof Borescope - Camera Videoscope Camera By ITS Videoscopes
Borescope – Explosion Proof Videoscope Cameras For Hazardous & Volatile Environments

We have just released a revised product datasheet for our Explosion Proof Videoscopes using Cold Fiber. Key product advantages:

  1. Cold Fiber Optic Illumination. There’s NO heat coming off of the LED light. There’s nothing to possibly ignite any volatile gas that might be present.


2. The high resolution Videoscope is available in 3mm, 4mm,
6mm, & 8mm. with a 90-degree Field Of View. The 4mm. 6mm and
8mm are 4-Way Articulation, this means that the Videoscope will have
a 120-degree total view, it can almost see behind itself; no side adapter

3. The Videoscope comes with (2) 6-hour batteries.

4. MIL-STD 810G Explosion Environment. IP55; IP56; IP57 – insertion only.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnyc9_sTVGsVideo Explosion Proof Camera For Inspection Of Vehicle’s Gas Tank;