Quality Inspection Applications

Borescopes – Video Borescopes – Applications

Quality Inspection and Maintenance – our video borescopes help you see your inspection field on BRIGHT, LARGE displays, with features that make quality inspection as easy as possible. Our borescope line features:

EXPLOSION-PROOF borescopes, which allows you to see clearly even in hazardous environments, such as oil and gas pipes, safely. Cold fiber optic illumination in the handle eliminates any possibility of sparks.

DUAL-VIEW borescopes, letting you see two angles for the price of one, with independent magnification and brightness.

ARTICULATING borescopes – insert the scope tip once and maneuver just the tip for 4-Way, 120° Tactile Feel Articulation.

TINY SCOPE PROBES AND WORKING LENGTH DIAMETERS – our borescope probes are as small as 2.4mm, and that is not just the probe – the ENTIRE LENGTH of the insertion cable is the same diameter as the probe, as small as 2.4mm. Other manufacturers put small probe tips on the end of larger cables, limiting their usability.

RUGGED, industrial-strength borescopes, with extra strong insertion cables, rubber bumpers for displays, screen protectors, and customized carrying cases.

DATA STORAGE – Store video and still images, and use a pop–up QWERTY keyboard to add dimensions or other notes.

SMART INSPECTOR Photo Comparison – compare today’s image with the same inspection piece from a previous inspection.

PORTABLE, EASY-TO-USE. Intuitive controls allow you to be up and running with little to no training.

Our Applications Engineers will work with you to determine the best borescope configuration for your quality inspection applications, including determining custom working lengths or more affordable options.

See below for just some of the industries that are currently using our borescopes as inspection cameras, whether for inspecting weld joints, detecting foreign object debris (FOD) in turbines, or inspecting pipelines.