2021 Borescopes – Explosion Proof Camera – Videoscopes with High resolution Sensor Intended for inspection of possibly explosive & volatile environment

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Explosion-Proof Video Borescopes for the Petroleum Industry
Explosion Proof Borescope For Oil & Gas Industries
Explosion Proof Borescope For Oil & Gas Industries – Hazardous and Volatile Environments. Aircraft Approved

2021 Video Borescopes For Oil & Gas Industries

This Is A Video Of Explosion Proof Borescope – Video Camera Being Used For Vehicle
Gas Tank Inspection

Our Explosion-Proof Borescopes Feature

Using The Explosion Proof Borescope, we found a blockage right in the middle of the pipe. During the Borescope inspection, gas was present inside the pipe as it could not be completely purged from the lines.
Explosion-Proof Borescope
Found a blockage in a gas line with our Explosion-Proof Borescope

A Rugged Multilayered Tungsten Braid Cable Used In Our Explosion-Proof Borescopes

Explosion-Proof Tungsten Braid Cable
Explosion Proof Borescope’s Multi-Layered Tungsten Braid Cable

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